Over 2 billion people are on Facebook and you can almost guarantee that your target customer is on there using it waiting for you to advertise to them. The Facebook Ad platform uses a highly targeted system that can pinpoint your customer to their likes, age and location for example, which is why you need to be using it for your business.

Facebook is still a cost-effective advertising channel to use despite it being used by most businesses and we have found the platform hugely beneficial for the majority of our clients whether it's lead generation or e-commerce.

Owned by Facebook and used by over 150 million people, it's no wonder Instagram is slowly creeping in on becoming one of the best mediums to advertise your business. Working hand in hand with Facebook, Instagram even has the ability to simultaneously share posts between the two platforms.  Much like Facebook, it is comprised of both image and video content and generally has a lower CPC (cost per click) particularly if your audience is made up of Millenials, making it an extremely targeted advertising platform.

Why Choose Us

We can deliver an impeccable return on investment for your business
Our extremely accomplished Facebook specialists have a high-performance history and know-how to achieve the best results

We are on hand day and night and you will never struggle to get in touch with us
We pride ourselves on our effective communication whether it's phone calls, emails or simply Whatsapp messages. You will never be left in the dark!

We cover the entire marketing spectrum specifically for small businesses
All of our services are designed to compliment each other whether it's implementing abandoned cart emails to drive sales on Facebook or taking advantage of Google Ads, our team is here to help!

Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads were first launched in 2015 and they are one of the most efficient ways to generate leads. Relinquishing the need for a landing page, lead ads allow you to keep the user on Facebook whilst obtaining important information such as their name, email address and phone number.

Most importantly, you can also qualify leads through the use of custom questions so they are great for service based businesses who want to find out more information about potential customers before they pick up the phone and speak to them.

Here at The Afford Buys, we can help you create a lead generation campaign that is designed to reach people at the right time across any device including mobile.


With over one billion active users every month, Facebook Messenger has become an integral part of Social Networking. With so many people using the app, it was only a matter of time before Facebook introduced a way for businesses to capitalise on this audience and start to generate revenue.

So how can Messenger help your Business?

Well it all starts with your customers. Here's a couple of ways we can help you take advantage of Facebook Messenger;

Generate Leads - Start conversations directly in Messenger to learn more about potential customers using predetermined questions.

Nurture Potential Customers - Drive people to relevant pages on your website or answering frequently asked questions with automated responses.

Increase Sales - Show potential customers images or videos to help them learn more about your products or services.

Plus, the great thing about Messenger is it offers a much more personalised approach to marketing due to its conversational nature. In fact, Messenger is outperforming Email by far with an incredible 80% open rate and a 40% increase in click through rates on average.




Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads are one of the most powerful ways for E-Commerce brands to drive revenue and increase their ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

If you've ever been on a website like Amazon, viewed a product and then went back on to Facebook, you will almost immediately see the exact product you were looking at as part of a Dynamic Product Ad.

With this type of campaign, not only do you benefit from the ability to personalise your adverts and remind people of items which they have not yet purchased but you can also draw further revenue from customers by targeting them with products that are similar to what they've already viewed/purchased.


Facebook Remarketing is one of the most efficient ways to have a big impact on a business and it can deliver immediate results. Why? Because a prospective customer who has already visited your website or engaged with your ad is 70% more likely to convert and purchase.

How is that possible? This is where the almighty Facebook Pixel comes in. Simply install it on your website or app and we can use this to leverage your business in a variety of different ways;

By targeting anybody who has visited your website within the last 180 days which works great if you want to re-engage people who may have forgotten about you or remind recent website visitors of products they viewed but not yet purchased.

By tracking activity on your website from when a product is added to basket or signed up to your email list - all aspects of your website can be tracked and we can then leverage this in our campaigns to drive sales and sign ups.

By finding more people who may buy your products or enquire about your services so you can easily grow your business.




Audience Targeting

When it comes to advertising, you can never have too much data! One of the ways we help our clients to grow without burning through budgets is by using a combination of Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

As the name suggests, a custom audience is made up of anybody who has engaged with your business be it through visiting your website, engaging with your Facebook post, submitting an enquiry or purchasing your products. Essentially, they are unique to your business and are ready to be marketed too.

We can utilise custom audiences in a variety of different ways;

Targeting existing customers with products that are similar to what they've already viewed/purchased.

Remarketing to potential customers who have visited your website within the last 30 days.

Promoting your latest offer to anybody who has engaged with your Facebook Page.


The reason why custom audiences work so well is because they are already ‘warm' which means they often result in lower ad costs and higher ROAS.

Similarly, Lookalike Audiences can also deliver great results for your Facebook Campaigns. A Lookalike Audience is made up of people who are deemed similar to your Custom Audience.

For example, we will often create a Lookalike Audience of existing customers for our clients which essentially tells Facebook to find more people who are likely going to buy our clients products because they are ‘similar' to those who already have.

Lookalike Audiences are great if you are keen to scale your Facebook Ads and our team can utilise them so you reach a high quality audience who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

What we manage with your account


Ad Copy
We implement effective ad copy which resonates with potential customers.


We select the right imagery to build a lasting impression and convert customers.


A/B Testing
We test content, imagery & audiences to ensure your campaigns deliver great results.


Pixel Installation
We ensure your pixel is installed and tracking events correctly


We manage your spending to ensure maximum ROAS

Campaign Setup
We manage your campaign from start to finish whether that's selecting the right objective to choosing who to target.


We uncover key insights through analyzing and tracking your ad accounts.


CRM Integration
We can connect your CRM to Facebook to ensure every lead is captured and managed.



I don’t know how many hours I need

We understand marketing can be a bit of mind boggle which is why we're here to help. After our initial chat, we’ll tell you the perfect package based on your goals. But to give you an indication, we typically recommend our Starter Package for a Facebook/Instagram Advertising Campaign and our Advanced Package for a Google Advertising or SEO Campaign. For those looking for a combination of Facebook/Instagram and Google/SEO, our Elite Package would be best suited. And for a concoction of absolutely everything, our Ultimate Package should do the trick.

How much should I spend on advertising?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. In our opinion, we recommend a minimum of £500 per platform, per month which is separate to our agency fee. But please, do not feel obligated to adhere to this. We want to work around you and whatever you feel best works for your business.

Can you guarantee results?

Unfortunately not and if you come across an agency that does, run the other way. Why? Because, we use 3rd party platforms like Facebook which we have no control over. However! We have a very strong track record to which we have consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients.

What is a customer value model?

Definitely not something to overlook, a customer value model is a data driven representation that requires a number of different statistics like your average purchase value and purchase frequency rate, the average customer value and customer lifespan - you get the drift. With this in mind, it will tell you exactly how much you can afford to pay per website visitor, per customer; pretty nifty right? We cannot emphasise enough how valuable this is to your business. An opportunity to know just how much you can budget? We should be charging millions for this!

How long will it take to see results?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact amount of time as all of your wonderful businesses are so different! In some instances, we have had clients see results within 48 hours of their campaign going live but it really depends on the service you have decided to use. Take SEO for example. It can take anywhere between 3-6 months for your desired results to appear so don’t panic if you feel like you're not hitting your targets - it just takes time. Please note that most platforms have a learning phase (where the platform’s algorithm learns everything about the campaign, smart huh?) and this can take a couple of days.

Do we really need a contract?

It may not feel like it, but contracts are important as they cover all the boring legal aspects like GDPR and confidentiality. Although some of you may see this as red tape, our agreements are fully transparent and are there to spell out the scope so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. We’re always happy to go over anything you’re unsure of, so think of it as a reference point for any questions that may pop to mind in the future.



Our Packages

We were born out of frustration with typical Digital Marketing Agencies and their approaches. They promise to ‘be honest and results-driven' but ultimately they only look after their bottom line without delivering any real results. We want to do things differently which is why we are led by our three core values, Transparency, Flexibility and Affordability which when combined with our no-nonsense approach to advertising, we're the right agency for your business.

Per Month

10 Hours Minimum Per Month
Minimum 3 Month Agreement
Additional Hours - Per Hour
Rollover of hours up to one month


Per Month

15 Hours Minimum Per Month
Minimum 3 Month Agreement
Additional Hours - Per Hour
Rollover of hours up to one month


Per Month

25 Hours Minimum Per Month
Minimum 3 Month Agreement
Additional Hours - Per Hour
Rollover of hours up to three months


Per Month

75 Hours Minimum Per Month
Minimum 3 Month Agreement
Additional Hours - Per Hour
Rollover of hours up to three months


Hours are available to use on any marketing activity you require.
We will be able to advise on the best package for your business during your initial 30 minute consultation.

*Rolling Monthly Agreement Available / Package Excludes Any Advertising Spend

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